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i haven’t had a proper night out since my birthday and even before that just for a drink it was like new years

man i need to go out and get smashed

my last bulb died the other day and i cba getting more so now my room is just in eternal night

Artist: Nobuo Uematsu
Track: Kids Run Through The City Corner
Plays: 1,677 plays


Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections - Kids Run Through The City Corner [Uematsu Nobuo]
Artist: Helena Noguerra
Track: Fly Me to the Moon (Climax Mix)
Plays: 7,979 plays

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Do you hear me, Snake? I am The End! I am here to send you to your ultimate fate!

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If our animals could speak to us, what would they say?

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the bae: u coming over
me: no
the bae: I'm horny
me: Who cares, I'm arguing over which Shin Megami Tensei game has the most artistic merit on the internet again.

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In all honesty, the pc port looks pretty good, it has a full range of graphics options, and the overall quality of the port is supposedly much better than the first

it’s option list is reasonable. I had a peek and it seems pretty bare bones, like there’s not a lot of customisation in some options, for instants it’s AA and SSAO doesn’t seem to have scales and i don’t think i saw the option to toggle Vsync. I’ve seen the 4k shots and yeah it looks pretty great, but idk if my system could run it.

That being said i still don’t know how well they did with the optimisation of the title. I’ve heard that the guy who made DSfix got to play it and he was like “shit this is damn good”. I’m still holding reservations.

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get a hold of urself its out in 2 days

but the pc port might suck and i don’t know if my little soul can take another one of those from FROM